What an incredible place! In this vlog we set sail from the Maldives… destination, the Seychelles some 1600 nautical miles away. The wind required we head 600 miles due south before we could pick up the southeast trade winds, which would take us to the Seychelles. Along our route was the Chagos Archipelago (part of the British Indian Ocean Territory). Last year we managed to obtain a permit to Anchor in Chagos which made it the perfect place to stop on the way.

Chagos is truly remote. There is nothing there other than palm trees and coconut crabs. There are no people, no services, no internet, nothing…. just you and nature in a lonely atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Its hard to describe how truly amazing this place is. The only people allowed to visit Chagos are cruising sailboats who use the atoll to rest while in transit across the Indian Ocean. It really must be one of the last remote paradises left on Earth. Chagos will always hold a special place in our memories as the most awe-inspiring places we have ever laid eyes on!





Shot on:
Sony A7r IV

GoPro Hero 6
(No drone this time as there is a huge fine for flying drones in Chagos)