How we fixed our GLOW PLUGS and ENGINE SHUT OFF SWITCH on our 1987 MERCEDES Mani-Diesel Engine

Hello Everyone!

In Season 2 Episode 46, we were having issues with our Glow Plugs and Fuel Shut off switch. We have an old 1987 72hp Mercedes Mani-Diesel engine and they had both all of a sudden stopped working. We began by investigating the power connection and wires running from the control panel to the engine. We discovered that when Nathalie had replaced one of our Engine Mounts, some of the wires had disconnected. This was due to corrosion on the engine harness due to a leak from our raw water pump. To fix this we bypassed the engine harness and then the next step was to check the relays to see if they were still working. Unfortunately, we forgot to film the process of using ohm’s to test the relay, which thanks to Raf on Spear It Animal, we were able to discover that both our relays had gone bad for both the Glow Plugs and Fuel Shut Off Switch. This video goes over the steps we used and how we fixed our problems. If you have any tips or suggestions we are always all ears!! We are always learning 🙂

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