Nandji was no super yacht when we bought her, but I can not believe Bonita waited this long for this…

In this episode, we rip ore old stuff out of Nandji and throw it over the side. We rewind back to a month ago when Nandji was still on the hard stand and we were deep in fixing mode. But you can not do an oven install and not have a cook up with it!! So once the oven is installed, we fast forward back to present time during our shakedown sail and Bonita does a little cook up!!
Having a working cooker and oven is essential. A device that gimbles and holds the food on top is something Nandji has previously lacked. I can not believe Bonita went 4 years with only one burner that works! Now we can cook up a storm!!

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With no sailing experience, we bought a yacht, got it blue water cruising ready and set off from Australia sailing to the Pacific! We have since cruised through New Caledonia, Vanuatu, the Solomon islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and then onto the boat yard in Malaysia to prepare for the years to come. With a new engine, we continued onto Thailand, then back down into Indonesia and specifically West Sumatra to live the island life and chase the surf. With our Sailing plans changing, we returned to Thailand to wait for the weather and begin our journey to the northern route of the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka before heading south across the Indian Ocean once cyclone season has finished and the trade winds begin! We were on our shake down sail when the mooring we were on failed and our home ended up on the reef… We saved the old girl and got her back to the boat yard for repairs to continue on our adventure! Ready to sail across the Indian Ocean, we were only days away from leaving when the pandemic begun closing countries around us… We are stuck for now, but enjoying the slower pace as we have just had our first baby, born in Malaysia! Now completing our second major refit, Nandji is ready for the world when the world is ready for us!!!

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