Last winter I got the chance to do something I’ve planned for a long time, a week long solo expedition in Northern Finland. I spent 7 nights camping in the wilderness, (kite)skied around 200 kilometres and enjoyed the -24 C degree temperatures in the process 🙂

This video was made to celebrate two years of cooperation Bollé 😎! Comment on my Facebook and/or Instagram post to get a chance to win a pair of Bollé Holman floatable sunglasses with the HD polarized lens. (Two winners will be randomly picked).

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00:00 Intro
00:44 1st day – Into the wilderness
09:12 2nd day – After a cold night
17:36 3rd day – Skiing to a new campsite
31:51 4th day – Epic kiteskiing day! Wilderness hut
44:48 5th day – High winds
50:47 6th day – Kite into trees, ouch…
58:03 7th day – TENT TOUR & Bollé giveaway

This was a TON of work to shoot and edit. Liked it? You can support me on Patreon: , I’m eternally thankful! 🙂

Thanks for watching and see you all next time! 😎