We sail into the REAL Jurassic Park | Sailing Aequus – Episode 13

We sail across the bay from Samana to spend a couple of days in Los Haitises National Park and we discover a place that looks like a set from Jurassic Park. It’s probably one of the most beautiful places we have sailed to yet!

We spend the weekend exploring its rugged coastline and get caught off guard in the Minijet when the wind picks up and we are about 8 miles away from Aequus!

The next day we hike to one of the caves and find the ancient cave paintings and also check out a beautiful beach that turned out to be a magnet for washed-up rubbish 🙁

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00:00 Sailing to Los Haitises National Park
03:41 Exploring the rock formations
08:24 Hiking to the cave
12:16 Netflix and chill on board
12:43 Exploring the deserted beach
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