Welcome Taylor to the crew! SCREAMING and a loud CRASH from our neighbors boats smashing together interrupts our welcome breakfast. I run outside to see what’s going on to find 3 boats being smashed together by the wind and currents. A boat has broken loose, taking two more with it, and they’re dragging FAST. Deciding this is more pressing than the Hollandaise sauce I’m whipping up we take off in Maggie to play tugboat and help by pushing the boats apart and resetting their new hooks. It’s quite an exciting first morning having our new crew onboard, Taylor from @Taylor’s Travels , who just joined the day before. Then the next night it happens to Delos herself. After 4 days solidly set our anchor breaks free and we find ourselves dragging. It’s an all our race to pick up and reset the hook before we smash into our neighbors and the shallows reefs around us.

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Please welcome new crew Taylor Francis onboard and be sure to check out her channel! @Taylor’s Travels

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