We asked if you had any questions and we got 75 responses! And since we have guests visiting us this week, we thought we would edit a quick video instead. So here are all the answers to your wonderful questions – posted today, July 7th, 2021!

0:00 – INTRO TO Q&A:
1:44 – Insight into your day to day life? Chores?
3:06 – Who does the least amount of chores?
3:19 – How long to you plan to continue sailing?
4:09 – Is Elizabeth capable of taking over in an emergency?
6:07 – Where does Elizabeth get all her swimsuits?
8:30 – What provisions do you rely on during long passages?
9:58 – How is the US different than Australia?
11:39 – Shout out to Cary Thomas and Libby March!
11:48 – What are the best ages to take 3 boys long-term sailing?
13:14 – What is Elizabeth’s exercise regime?
14:45 – Top 3 power tool needs?
15:35 – Top 3 South Pacific Destinations?
17:47 – What are your home schooling tips?
21:23 – Do you get homesick?
22:19 – How do you manage overnight passages with kids?
25:05 – Will you get the boys more involved in the sailing?
26:30 – Update on Elizabeth’s clothing company: Vacay?
28:14 – Do you worry about dragging anchor at night?
29:27 – #1 thing a family preparing to sail should know?
30:50 – Can you cruise for short periods? Just one year?
32:30 – How do you deal with conflict in such a small space?
35:14 – Why are your videos so far behind?
35:29 – Are you worried about pirates?
35:42 – Have you seen a Mermaid?
35:52 – Have you met Brad Pitt (inside joke)
35:04 – How did you meet?
36:19 – Is American Culture misunderstood?
36:38 – Dishwasher vs. Washing Machine?
36:42 – Top 3 places in Australia?
36:58 – If Archer wasn’t red, what color?
37:10 – Cruising etiquette tips?
37:29 – Do you ever get boat envy?
37:51 – Do you know of an Outremer 51 for sale?
37:58 – 2 countries you would live in?
38:31 – Do you plan to sail the med?
38:33 – Favorite Tim Tam flavor?
38:39 – Worst Australian Food?
38:43 – Ever have days you want to quit?
38:56 – True or False: Seth has an exercise regime?

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ABOUT US: We are a family of five sailing around the world on our “dream boat,” a performance catamaran named “Archer.” Ten years ago B.K. (“before kids”), we sailed a Lagoon 380 named “Honeymoon” halfway around the world to Sydney, Australia. Along the way we shared our experiences via YouTube and, by happenstance, created one of the first “sailing channels.” We also realized what an incredible experience we were having and that someday we wanted to do it again, only this time with kids.

OUR ROUTE has taken us from the Boston/Cape Cod area of the United States down to the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal. We have dealt with massive repairs in the South Pacific, the Coronavirus lock down in New Zealand, a Category 5 Cyclone in Fiji, and now we are cruising in Covid Free Australia. Videos for all of this to come!

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