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This beautiful land we’re travelling across is the traditional lands of the First Nations peoples of the continent, we pay our respects to the traditional owners, to elders past and present.

How good is this, our starting point is probably the furthest from water you can get, in Australia at least. We’ve swapped the deep blue for the red centre and we’re really happy to be able to show you our beautiful Australian outback. We’re mounting up and visiting, among other things, the amazing Uluru and seeing the cave town where they filmed Mad Max of all places.

All at 37 weeks!! We’re on our way to Adelaide for our final stop before our family adds another number. But not before a quick little nearly 2000 kilometres driving to get there. Wish us luck!

Video Credit for Uluru footage: Thanks to Voyages Ayers Rock Resort for providing these great shots: https://www.ayersrockresort.com.au/

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