It’s 5:30AM and squalls are ripping through the anchorage. A sailboat drags past us and ends up hard aground on the beach. Now it’s a race against time to get her off and afloat before the tide drops leaving them stranded in the Dry Tortugas Seaplane landing zone! The only problem is they have no windlass and their dinghy painter has jammed up the prop- leaving them without power and disabled.

After an incredible downwind sail we find ourselves back in the Dry Tortugas, waiting for a weather window to make the 300 mile sail to Mexico. The weather is incredibly calm and we find ourselves taking advantage by paddle boarding and scuba diving our hearts out. All is well until a front moves through and puts the entire anchorage on a lee shore. A few boats drag right past us without event but then in the middle of the night one actually ends up on the beach. It’s all hands on deck to get our gear and assist with our neighbors to literally winch them back into deeper water using our spare anchors and line.

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