Sailing Avocet | Birthday BASH at Santa Cruz Island


Chris and I were born one week and four days apart, me being the eldest despite general assumptions. To commemorate our circumnavigation around the sun we decided to take the week off and have a “birthday bash” at Santa Cruz Island! Adding some “special” to the occasion, Mama Neely’s boat Sea Castle would be joining us at the island, crewed by Chris’s siblings Jon and Tess along with their respective families.

In this video you will see us visit Frys anchorage and Coches Preitos, both incredible places around Santa Cruz Island. For more details about the anchorages visit our website

Thank you for your patience surrounding this upload! This was filmed the week of February 10th, and since then Chris has been preoccupied by his “real” job as a cinematographer, getting sent all over for projects to film while I have been keeping my hands busy with boat projects and on boarding new digital marketing clients for my business. If you want to see more of what we are up to, follow us on Instagram (linked below)! We hope you enjoy this little family recap, it may not be special to you but for us it immortalized a wonderful memory!

Fair winds,
Marissa, Chris and Cleo cat

00:00 – 00:28 Recap
00:29 – 02:47 Fry’s Harbor
02:48 – 03:45 WHALES
03:46 – 05:43 Sailing to Smugglers
05:44 – 06:17 Family Arrival
06:18 – 09:19 Coches Prietos
09:20 – 11:28 Sailing Home
11:29 – 12:21 Next on Sailing Avocet…
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