Not long after leaving St Kitts after having fixed our snapped steering cable, and tragedy* strikes Tranquilo once again! Our engine won’t start, and it’s not entirely clear what it is but we suspect it’s the Volvo Penta MDI issues that many are experiencing, as we find out…

*yes we note it’s not a tragedy in the truest sense of the word, none of us were injured (and more of an alliteration on Tranquilo…). But we are very mindful of the implications if this and the snapped steering cable had happened at the same time (only a matter of weeks), or if it had happened mid-Atlantic (only two months earlier), and we had to hand steer with not the most responsive emergency tiller, potentially having to go dark with nav lights at night to save batteries. Sailors have been through much worse, but it shouldn’t have happened on a relatively new Hanse.


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