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Say hello to our new baby boy!
… eventually. He’s taking his sweet time to arrive, probably enjoying the journey not the destination like his folks. All well and good little fella but let’s get a move on! In the meantime we’re doing our best to pass the time but there’s not much you can do when you’re expecting at any moment. But it’s certainly worth the wait. Darwin has come into our lives as a beautiful healthy boy and isn’t he just the cutest little thing. We can’t wait to show him the world and Lenny is already best friends with his little brother.

Join us for a really special episode and welcome to the story of how our crew gets just a bit bigger. And I reckon it’s about time for a new intro hey…

Song Credits: (Public Version)
00:00 – Lockd – Lykófos
01:31 – Low Country – Jordan Merrick
02:48 – MaJLo – DESOLATION
04:01 – ES_I Could Stay Forever (Modern Version) – Joe E. Lee
04:32 – MaJLo – DESOLATION
05:18 – MaJLo – DESOLATION
05:52 -ES_Last Minute Study – Matt Large
06:41 – ES_Whipped Up – Gregory David
09:09 – ES_Sunrise Murmur – American Legion
11:01 – ES_Our Future Pages – Golden Fern
11:52 – ES_Trust in What You Cannot See – They Dream By Day
13:22 – James Walker – Sane (Instrumental)
15:36 – ES_Javelin – Gregory David
16:52 – Sailin’ – Jordan Merrick
19:19 – ES_The Rooftop – Gregory David
20:01 – James Walker – The Great Deceiver (Instrumental)
20:33 – ES_The Rooftop – Gregory David

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