We’re in for a wild ride sailing offshore on this HUGE Lagoon 500 catamaran! Add the fact that this is the MAIDEN VOYAGE and who knows what could happen. Join captain James as he flies over to Curacao to get this big cat ready for the 80 nautical mile journey to Bonaire.

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00:00-01:34 Intro
1:34-3:55 How to check an unknown mooring
3:55-5:46 Traveling Aruba to Curacao
5:46-7:11 Inspecting the running rigging
7:11-8:15 Purchasing new lines
8:15-9:26 Replacing the running rigging
9:26-10:24 PCR Tests for Covid-19
10:24-14:57 Sailing to Bonaire
14:57-16:27 Arrived to Bonaire!
16:27-16:39 Outro