In this episode, we visit pig beach and discover where they live and their luscious lifestyle as only glam pigs do!!

We didn’t bring food by accident but are glad we didn’t after realising their strict diet

Philippa gets bitten?!

We leave pig beach and head to the famous Thunderball grotto where the film Thunderball was shot and also the film Never Say Never Again

James and I do a little James Bond role play (had to be done)

Philippa really does get stung, ‘James’ to the rescue lol..

We set off for dinner in the tender to the beautiful Staniel Cay Yacht club where we beach the tender amongst others that are visiting the restaurant and enjoy some local and not so local delicacies.

00.00 – We leave Aequus and head to pig beach
00.26 – We visit The Pigs at Pig Beach
03.51 – Does Philippa get bitten by a pig?
05.50 – We leave pig beach
06.13 – We arrive at Thunderball Grotto
07.12 – ‘James Bond’ appears
09.21 – Philippa gets struck by something
10.24 – We set off for dinner at Staniel Cay Yacht Club
11.00 – We see a shark swim under us
12.07 – We have a delicious dinner