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Just when we thought we’d escaped a lockdown in Adelaide, we get advised mid flight to Perth that we would be sent to quarantine for two weeks. Not ideal for a family who loves to be outside exploring but we were adamant we would make the best of an unfortunate situation.

If you’d like to see us talk more about the quarantine, we discuss it in one of our recent live streams on Patreon: [ http://bit.ly/SLVPatreon ]

Song credits:
00:02 – ES_A Sudden Breeze of Hope – Duke Herrington
01:02 – ES_Dance It Off
02:14 – ES_Light-Footed – Bonnie Grace
02:55 – ES_Fairy Prion – Dust Follows
05:17 – ES_Got a New Life – JOYSPRING
06:13 – ES_Turmoil – Rasmus Faber
08:13 – (Elayna’s Cover Song: Darkest Light – Jono Mcleery)
10:21 – Desmond Cheese – Polyfizzal Drizzal
12:09 – ES_Lose the Net – Rasmus Faber
15:38 – ES_Winter Months – Sleepaway Camp
18:50 – Bedrooms – Change Your Mind

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