Hi again!

Im proud to partner up with Oscar Navigation wich let me try their Oscar Advanced 640 anticollision thermo camera! This thing can detect objects in the sea in front of you wich a conventional radar can not. When it “sees” something it uses Artificial Intelligence to decide what the object is, then sound an alarm to let you take action. Im amazed that this opurtunity popped up just before my departure for Greenland, were big icebergs are floating around right now. The Oscar will hopefully detect these and give me a heads up, especially at night.

Cant wait to head offshore with this in a couple of days!
Oscar thermo camera: https://www.oscar-navigation.com/
Solar panels: https://makspower.no/
Navigation electronics: https://www.raymarine.com
Selfsteering: https://www.hydrovane.com/
Sails: https://www.rollytasker.com/en/
Deck equipment: https://www.seldenmast.com/
Sail accesories: https://www.granseil.no/
Weather forecast: https://www.predictwind.com/
Dryfood: https://realoutdoorfood.com/


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