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Thanks to http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds and our contributing artists for providing us with great music for this episode

Song Credits:
00:00 – ES_Let Yourself Go (Instrumental Version) – Ooyy [http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds]
02:22 – MaJLo – SHELTER feat. Adam BaΕ‚dych https://open.spotify.com/track/728UYBz38CEtTBQFJmtBKD?si=f8162d34fdbb49c1
04:01 – ES_Earth Can Wait – Philip Ayers [http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds]
05:49 – ES_Backyard Stories – Sum Wave [http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds]
06:38 – Beulah – MAGPIE https://open.spotify.com/track/3AyuXqdfhX4irdMivHYGYc?si=191022f165d3465f
09:38 – Bedrooms – Change Your Mind https://open.spotify.com/track/6uf12oFTDXieJQTM0oDIGh?si=97ea8ca3f27f4076
11:07 – ES_I’m Still Listening – Justnormal [http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds]
12:29 – ES_Cruising – Beck and Call [http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds]
14:18 – ES_My Neighbor’s Wife – Stationary Sign [http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds]
15:26 – ES_Balloons (Instrumental Version) – I’MIN [http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds]
16:48 – ES_Let’s Go Go Go – Tigerblood Jewel [http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds]
21:02 – ES_Kyoto – Bonsaye [http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds]