We visit the Famous Salt Pier once again but this time to dive from the shoreline and in the company of our good friends Ryan and Sophie from @Ryan & Sophie Sailing .

We see some very unusual sea life and it was definitely one of the best dives so far in Bonaire.


On another supposedly ‘normal’ day James and I went to shore to do some work in an internet café and whilst we were there we had an urgent call come through from Sophie….

A freak swell comes into the bay of Bonaire and disaster strikes when our Williams Jet Tender takes a bashing and gets caught underneath the dinghy dock.

The tender fills up with sea water and as other yacht owners quickly move their tenders to safety, ours is completely underwater!!!

As we watch every yacht sway heavily from side to side we fear for Aequus and try and make it back to her as quickly as possible to ensure she doesn’t also take a hit and swing around in the opposite direction and hit the shoreline.

3 long and arduous days were spent trying to fix the Minijet, speaking to Williams UK was part of the repair process, including several visits to shore by paddle board for parts and supplies and countless oil changes!

Day 4 saw the final fate of William!!!….

00:00 Introduction
02:50 Diving the Salt Pier in Bonaire
06:22 What happened to our Williams Tender
15:15 Trying to save the engine