We do our first-ever night dive alongside some fellow cruisers on the isle of Bonaire in the pitch black, we wait for tarpons to nudge us in the side and avatar like sparkles to appear.

Philippa has a lesson by 12 times world record free diving champion Carlos Coste. Is the bet to get to 10 metres in depth with@Sailing Zingarowon or am I still to achieve the 10 metres..?

Philippa has a very close encounter with a beautiful turtle that had been caught in fishing wire, it isn’t possible to free her from the wire..

One of our last dinners in Bonaire was our Easter dinner party with@Ryan & Sophie Sailingon AEQUUS which turns into an unexpected but much fun onboard disco.

We show some of the highlights of snorkelling from Bonaire and that it isn’t just for scuba diving and if you are afraid or not trained in scuba diving, then there is still plenty to offer and see in the stunning waters of Bonaire by swimming in the bays.

00:00 Night dive
06:48 Free diving lesson with Carlos
13:00 Philippa makes friends with a turtle.
15:31 Easter dinner with Ryan & Sophie
21:14 Last snorkel in Bonaire