SAILING LIFE: it is time again for a day in our sailing life vlog – this time sailing Croatia. Our sailing life, for us our simple life on the sea starts with a beautiful sail towards Vis – sailing Croatian coast is magnificent. Although living on a sailing boat can be stressful, we experience this differently. Living at sea, our life on a sailing boat is 90% of the time full of mesmerizing views, beautiful family moments, adventures, and calm sailing. Sailing life doesn’t have to be stressful, at least it isn’t for us. Join us with sailing Croatian islands and a day in our sailing life. A family living on the sea, their sailing life adventures.


00:00 intro a day in our sailing life
00:50 sailing towards Vis, Croatia
01:53 tacking in 360 with Rianne behind the helm and the boys handling the ropes and sails
02:15 touching the waves while sailing
03:43 sunset photoshoot while sailing
04:02 arriving at Vis & anchoring
04:37 waking up on our sailboat
06:19 SUP & exploring Vis, Croatia
08:56 cliff jumping and conquering afraid of heights
10:56 making homemade lemonade/ice tea
12:25 preparing BBQ
14:42 BBQ & sunset on the front deck of our sail boat
17:15 must-watch moment: FINAL TACK of sailing

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Benjamin, Rianne & Gerben

Feel the Breeze family | a business coupe exploring the world with their kid | sailing family exploring the world

🎥 Filming: Rianne & Gerben
🎬 Editing: Pedro Wessels
🎼 Music: Epidemic Sounds –

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