Here’s a video showing the Victron and Sunpower electricity management systems we have on board Snow Gum.

Firstly, there are three Sunpower Maxeon 3, 400 watt solar panels, for 1200 watts of solar power generation.

As for Victron equipment, Snow Gum has:
– three 12.8V 300Ah Smart Lithium batteries
– Cerbo GX system controller
– GX Touch 50 touch screen display
– Smart BMS CL 12/100
– Smart Battery Protect 12/24 220
– Smart Battery Protect 12/24 100
– Smart Shunt 500A
– MultiPlus 12/3000/120 – 50
– three Smart Solar Charge Controller MPPT 100/50
– Orion 12-12 Battery to Battery Charger

And there is a Sterling 12-24 battery to battery charger, for charging the bowthruster batteries.

If you are interested in Victron lithium systems for your boat, please ask any questions you have in the comments.

Regards, Rick and Carolyn.