⚡PLEASE click this link and upvote our plea to get Google Adsenses’ attention ⬇

We are sending out a sorry because we have not been present on Youtube for several weeks. This is because we have been thrown out of Youtube’s partnership program for ‘INVALID TRAFFIC’ and we have been trying to sort it out but to absolutely no avail. We have grown our YOUTUBE account completely organically, we don’t have Patron, we received emails from Adsense to say they were SHUTTING us down – WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION or reasoning behind this.

We have been left completely disappointed and in the dark by what GOOGLE and GOOGLE ADSENSE have done. We have done nothing untoward to warrant this. We know other channels that rely on this revenue as their SOLE income!! Which is terrifying.

When you have worked very hard from scratch to pull something together and then finally be rewarded by AdSense to then have it totally stripped away is not right! This makes a complete sham of the system!

What makes matters worse is there is no one to speak to, no one to talk to and no way to get it sorted out. To say it is a devastating situation is an understatement.

The only way we can get to be heard is through your help
Please help us reach Google…click the link and upvote our plea.

THANK YOU very much in advance, from Philippa, James and Aequus…. XXX

00.00 – Intro
00.20 – Philippa and James talk through what has been happening
10.15 – BLOOPERS to lighten things up