24 HOURS AT SEA … Day 1, Sailing Malaysia to Indonesia, Ep 244


What is like to spend 24 hours at Sea? this is the beginning of our passage sailing from Malaysia to Indonesia https://www.sailingnandji.com

In this episode, let the journey begin! We leave Malaysia after spending the last 18 months in the country. We were stuck, have worked crazy hard completing a second refit to our boat and then had a baby. Lock down after lockdown, Nandji is finally free and on the move again!
We have a 700 nautical mile sail to reach our check in port of Padang, Indonesia. The first part of the journey involves crossing the bust shipping channel, the Malacca Strait. This is area is protected from the open ocean ground swell but it is close to the equator and large unexpected squalls can happen at anytime. Picking a gap in the monsoon winds, we begun the dash across to Indonesia. We were lucky to have the perfect weather forecast window for this passage. Nothing else to say, let’s go! On to the next chapter of our lives!

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