24 HOURS at SEA With INJURED Kid – We didn’t talk or show much about it during this Gennaker Sailing video but one of our biggest fears with living on the sea is that one of us gets really hurt during a crossing. Luckily Benjamin just experienced a strained muscle in his neck this time during our sailing life – which we suspected from the beginning. Even though it was a light injury one of us was almost constantly with him to support him through his pain – he had it tough. Being for longer periods on the sea, a lot can happen. Especially when the weather gets rougher and fatigue kicks in while sailing. When Benjamin was 6 months old, we flew in two doctors who trained us how to give first aid to Benjamin at sea. We got to learn that 80% of the injuries are perfectly treatable by us and we would have more than enough time to eventually reach a doctor. But with the other 20%, you need to get to a hospital within 24 hours. Which is not possible a lot of times when you live on the sea….so we felt extremely grateful for Benjamin ‘just having a strained muscle’ and that we had such a peaceful and slow sail – especially since we are in autumn and heavy weather is coming. Join us in slow sailing and a spiritual crossing, the end of our sailing Croatia family adventure – all part of our full-time travel family life. A simple life on the sea.

NOTE – by accident we used photos that aren’t from Rovinj at 6:21. We never saw Rovinj by light and used Istock photos. We made a wrong turn there. Sorry for this!

Episode #071

00:00 a new adventure
01:27 preparing for our 24 hours at sea crossing
03:03 first leg of the crossing to get PCR test
07:13 start of the night crossing to Venice
07:58 raising Gennaker in night
09:25 morning gennaker sail in the middle of Adriatic sea
10:03 Benjamin injured his head
12:00 slow sailing
17:48 boat jobs while sailing
18:17 entering Italian territorial waters under sail
20:24 our love story of Venice
23:50 sunset and arriving at Venice

Hope you will enjoy this episode of our sailing family vlog.

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Love you guys! Thanks for watching & Feel the Breeze

Benjamin, Rianne & Gerben

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