In this episode, we wake up to a beautiful sunrise but due to a slightly unsheltered anchorage we didn’t get much sleep and we realise we have 80 miles to do today

We discover a friend of ours, Peter, from the sailing catamaran La Boheme was anchored in the next bay and they are also sailing in the distance towards Westend

The boys decide they want to race so much to Philippa’s tiredness the race IS ON!! Philippa wanted to stop off and have some Luxury breakfast on one of the cruise ships

James gets excited by the race and gets stuck into discovering every boat that is around us and competing with people we don’t even know – it does pass the time on long passages though lol!! Lots of fun..

We sail pass cruise ships that are just floating idle in the middle of the sea with their engines on, awaiting COVID to be over so they can resume their normal duties and carry holidaymakers to the private islands of Coco Cay and Great Stirrup Cay.

We arrive at Westend and realise we beat La Boheme, however they caught a delicious fish, so all winners really..

We struggle to anchor in rockier ground than normal but it is the only place to anchor and lay our heads down for the night

We venture into shore, fill up on fuel and check out of the Bahamas, Philippa has a dance like only you can outside a customs office in the Bahamas

We stretch our legs on land and check out the beautiful coastline, have a swing in a hammock and wish fair winds to our friend Peter on La Boheme

We head back to the yacht on William and put up the Code Zero in preparation for our sail to America tomorrow, we wish to be prepared as the last thing we want to do is be putting up a sail tomorrow and it be on the wrong side!!! lol

00.00 – Intro
00.20 – 5am sunrise at Great Stirrup Cay with no sleep
01.53 – We discover the catamaran next to us is our friend Peter
02.47 – The guys decide they are having a race as we leave the island
04.34 – We see ‘drifting’ cruise ships empty during covid
05.36 – Race update
07.10 – We arrive at Westend
08.21 – We struggle to anchor on the rocky ground
10.00 – We check out of the Bahamas
14.16 – We find a hammock and enjoy land before we set sail tomorrow
14.38 – Philippa thinks she might break the hammock as she has been eating a lot recently haha
15.50 – We enjoy the last of the Bahamian crystal-clear water
16.12 – We get the CODE ZERO out ready for our sail