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Join us for a trip to Muiron Islands off of the west coast of Australia for some quality spearfishing and a good cook up on the beach. We had a fascinating encounter with a sea snake and caught some great sized Spanish Mackerel. It’s amazing how popular you become at the caravan park when word gets around you have fish. Some of these grey nomads can smell it from a mile away – haha!

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07:15 – ES_Trouble by Trouble (Luwaks Remix)(Instrumental Version) – The Eastern Plain
09:25 – ES_Nanda Devi – Ooyy
11:16 – ES_Fugent – Lupus Nocte
13:55 – ES_Fugent – Lupus Nocte
15:43 – ES_Graduation – Dylan Sitts
17:37 – Lenny’s Food Review
18:08 – ES_Somewhere – Jones Meadow
20:58 – ES_Somewhere – Jones Meadow