Some of you have been with us a long time, and know the origin story, but many of you are new to our channel and so we thought we would answer some of the commonly asked question’s Dr. Sheddy gets… now to convince Jim to do one…

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Dr Sheddy and Jim

00:00 Intro
00:27 When did you get Chuffed?
00:39 What did you do before Chuffed?
02:18 Wait… you were a bear vet?
03:07 How much sailing experience did you have?
03:28 What were the first few months like onboard?
04:51 What was your budget like in the beginning?
05:14 What was it like becoming a first time Captain?
06:14 How did you learn to fix things on the boat?
07:00 What animals have you worked with since you started sailing?
08:05 What vet equipment do you carry?
08:25 Where do you get your vet supplies?
08:49 Why is it important to work with local vets?
09:47 What are the best parts about living on a boat?
10:14 What are the worst parts?
10:49 Was the haul out worth it?
11:27 What is one health?
12:10 Do you have any advice for people wanting to do something like this?
12:50 SO what next?