Top 10 Performance Cruising Cats [50 Foot Range, 2022 Models]


If you were to buy a brand new Performance Cruising Cat today, what would you get?! As the Annapolis Boat Show comes to a close, we look at the Top 10 boats we would have liked to see during the show. We provide our thoughts on the types of questions you should ask when buying, what we consider important for a cruising cat, and list the pros and cons for each vessel. Just looking for a particular boat? No problem, just skip to the chapters below:

0:00 – Why a Performance Cruising Cat?
1:47 – Questions you should ask when buying a Performance Cat
7:06 – ORC50 (TS5) – “The Minimalist Racer”
10:18 – Seawind 1600 Passagemaker – “The Cheaper Outremer”
15:17 – Outremer 51 – “The Market Leader”
19:10 – Catana 53 – “The Old Guard”
22:39 – HH Catamarans OC50 – “The Quality Leader”
29:13 – Windelo 50 – “The Eco-Apartment Boat”
34:08 – Balance 526 – “The Versa-Boat”
38:51 – McConaghy MC52 – “The Flybridge Performance Cat”
42:27 – ITA 14.99 – “The Electric Outremer”
44:34 – HH50 – “Fly A Hull If You Want To”
46:14 – Kinetic KC54 – “Poor-mans Gunboat”
50:01 – What Boat Would You Pick & Why?

BOATS WE LEFT OUT: We intentionally left out kit boats or boats with design plans like Schionning, Chris White and others. While we do have a lot of respect for boats like that, we are focusing today on companies that produce a line of boats and not one-off custom jobs. But that might make for a good future video, so stay tuned!

SPECIAL NOTE: The views expressed in this video are our own, and we were not compensated in any way for making this video. Although we are emotionally attached to our boat and the kind people at Outremer, we tried to be honest with ourselves on what boats we would look at today.

Special thanks to Hans at @GoSunChill who let us use his outstanding drone shot of the Annapolis Boat Show from the weekend! Thanks Hans!

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