Welcome to K’GARI (translates to ‘paradise’), FRASER ISLAND: THE BIGGEST SAND ISLAND IN THE WORLD

Kristina finally catches her FIRST fish while motor sailing 13 hours to Double Island Point. SV Tucana then braces the Wide Bay Bar to get to the worlds LARGEST sand Island K’gari, also known as Fraser Island.

Just found out, Simon had a YT channel! : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfFF_eAZVgBqZBK34DGfIZg

CURRY RECIPE: This coconut tuna curry looks great but if you don’t have curry leaves then substitute with curry powder & same with other spices

Our story:
Sick of covid lockdowns, John and I (Kristina) purchased a 50ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey with just a few weeks sailing experience under our belt. Our dream is to sail her to Great Barrier Reef and beyond! John has always been pretty adventurous, and I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, so it was no surprise, we have this crazy grand plan to one day sail the world. Come join us for the ride!

Thank you guys for your support – it really means so much! ❀️

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