– As we continue our 4-day journey towards America, we have issues with the wind throughout the whole trip.

– We pull in and out the code zero and the other sails more times than we can count..

– However, we are blessed for the amazing GULF STREAM which has pushed us along, albeit between 3 and 4 knots, but this was not to be sniffed at.

– We surpass ourselves and catch another fish.

– We meet Mike our friend in the middle of the ocean! I am slightly nervous as the last time Mike met us at sea we broached and Mike got very close and nearly collided..

– We approach Moorhead City and the channel is busy
We finally ‘put our anchor down’ and after not seeing Mike for nearly 16 hours after he turned his engines off and drifted away from us at sea, he finally emerges and anchors near us

– The anchoring in the bay at Moorhead City is very tight although it looks like there is loads of room..

– We head into the dock and it is TOUCH DOWN in the US!!!!

00:00 Start of video
00:55 We realise there is no wind
01:24 Still no wind
01:50 We furl in the code zero
02:40 A beautiful full moon and sunset
04:03 Mike gives us his coordinates
05:40 We catch a fish
06:06 Mike suddenly sneaks up on us, but he isn’t actually sailing as we had thought
09:19 Doplhins swim with us
09:55 Our last day of sailing and it rains as we approach the US
11:11 First sighting of America
11:58 James wishes for a burger
14:40 Mike finally catches up with us
15:00 WE arrive at Moorhead City