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Does anyone else’s partner have a fear of STUFF? πŸ˜‚ This week, we work our butts off to move back onboard our sailboat and set off on our next big adventure off shore.

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Thanks to http://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds and our contributing artists for providing us with great music for this episode.
Song credits:
00:00 – ES_Cartagena – Bonsaye
01:22 – ES_In Brevi – Valante
02:55 – ES_Retro Today – Alexandra Woodward
06:00 – ES_Impossible Allegiance – Jon Bjork
07:28 – ES_Campion – Valante
09:12 – ES_Campion – Valante
10:24 – ES_Brace – Siarate
11:50 – ES_Rise up Now – Soleil
14:44 – ES_Misterio (Instrumental Version) – Clara Mendes
17:06 – ES_A Celtic Blessing – Bonnie Grace