Oh dear, our engine won’t turn off. Rookie mistake. On this epic sail from Lady Musgrave Island to Hummocky + Great Keppel Island the swell was a bit rough and rolly… so hold on!! We had to make a few diversions on this trip. Yikes.

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0:00 Sailing Tucana
1:43 Leaving Lady Musgrave Island
3:17 Sailing the Great Barrier Reef
4:09 The plan to Heron Island
4:21 Learning to sail
8:15 Engine problem
11:54 Preparing for a night sail
12:50 Hummocky Island
15:18 Sailing to Great Keppel Island
17:55 Let’s chat

Videos made by Kristina, starring captain John 🤓

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Sick of covid lockdowns in Melbourne Australia, John and Kristina purchased a 50ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey with just a few weeks sailing experience. They set sail in June 2021 and sailed north to the Great Barrier Reef in just 4 weeks.

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