Boat projects and sailing in the SAME video? Wild. We know! Join us as we head back to the Ventura Harbor Boatyard for another round of projects, this time on our race boat, a Victory 21′ previously known as “Christopher.” Eight days and a lot of sanding later we had a stronger and freshly painted boat that dawned a new name ready to sail in the Annual High Sierra Regatta on our home waters: Huntington Lake, CA. This boat not only laid the foundation for our relationship but was also one of the last projects Chris and his dad worked on before he passed, making this entire rebuild THAT much more emotional and rewarding in the end. We hope you enjoy the video!

This was filmed in July of 2021 🙂 HUGE thank you to our neighbor Ryan for fabricating our new chainplates, Mitch and Quincey for the rigging help, and to all of our wonderful friends that sent us words of encouragement and “luck” on the race course. To our Victory 21 Fresno Yacht Club Fleet: this one is for you.

Fair Winds,
Marissa, Chris, and Cleo cat

Intro 00:00 – 00:58
Internal Reinforcement 00:59 – 3:35
Let’s Talk Chainplates 3:36 – 5:25
Glorious, Glorious Sanding 5:26 – 6:10
Painting! 6:11 – 8:27
Bottom Paint 8:28 – 9:34
Pull the Tape! 9:35 -10:16
Have You Seen the Movie “Wind”? 10:16 – 10:46
Hit the Road then the Water 10:47 – 11:34
THE NEW NAME (Finishing Touches) 11:35 – 12:47
Rigging (thank you M+Q) 12:48 – 14:00
Let’s go Sailing! (Practice Day) 14:01 – 15:03
The Christening 15:04 – 17:48
Let the Regatta Begin! 17:49 – 19:04
Wait, Where’d the Wind Go? 19:05 – 19:42
Not too Bad 19:43 – 12:09
We are consistent, okay? 12:10 – 12:12
Next, on Sailing Avocet 20:12 – 20:59