Sailing brings people together in the most wonderful ways, and can help you to live in the NOW! After a week and nearly 1,100 nm sailed the crew is in the zone. We’ve fallen into a healthy cycle of sleep, eat, watch, and repeat. We’ve shared stories and intimate moments, laughs and meals. And so it’s a very bitter-sweet moment when we realize we have less than 1 day until we arrive in Panama. We make the most of it by hoisting our giant down wind sails on our dual-pole setup. It goes smoothly until a mishap with timing on our fore guy brings the pole flying back ad Jade’s head and gives her a good whack. She powers through and we ice her down, and the reward is the amazing display of flying both head sails powering Delos dead downwind. We have an incredible afternoon of sailing and douse sails just before we’re hit by a line of squalls at night. The crew reflects on what an amazing passage it’s been and how much (or how little) we’re looking forward to exploring Panama!

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