~~~Please note: This is an informative video and not part of the series~~~


In this video, we explain how we plotted the gulf stream coordinates to give the best speed whilst travelling up the east coast of America, up towards Beaufort City and Hatteras…

If you are planning a journey and wish to plot coordinates for the best possible course, watch this video for some helpful tips on how to do it.

00.00 – Start of video
00.19 – Explanation and statement
00.26 – James and Philippa explain the change of plan and our plan to sail through the gulf stream and instead make a 3/4 day passage directly to Moorhead City.
01.11 – James has a genius plan lol
05.55 – James demonstrates using the shared screen on the computer finding the latitudinal coordinates and the longitudinal coordinates through the fastest point through the centre of the gulf stream
09.06 – James shows on the B&G equipment the waypoints plotted
11.06 – Final results of the gulf stream
11.17 – Next time aboard AEQUUS