Live on a sailboat they said… | Sailing Australia Ep 17


GUYS! We FINALLY sail & make it to the GREAT BARRIER REEF, experincing Lady Musgrave Island as our first stop. I almost have a heart attack as we’re dodging coral bombies within the lagoon while trying to find a safe spot to anchor at the famous coral cay. 😳

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0:00 Intro
1:59 Bundaberg Marina
3:11 Sailing to Lady Musgrave Island
6:22 Boat Provisioning Food Tour
8:21 Approaching Lady Musgrave Reef
14:02 Stepping foot on Lady Musgrave Island for Sunset
15:45 Sunrise
16:03 Boat jobs: AIS
16:42 Exploring Lady Musgrave

– Lady Musgrave is the southern-most island in the Capricorn Cay
– It’s set on 3000 acres of living reef
– Lady Musgrave’s protected lagoon stretches eight kilometres around the island
– The island is built entirely of coral polyps and is covered in dense pisonia forest
– Over 1500 species of fish as well as manta rays, reef sharks and sea turtles live here.

Videos made by Kristina, starring captain John 🤓

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Sick of covid lockdowns in Melbourne Australia, John and Kristina purchased a 50ft Jeanneau Sun Odyssey with just a few weeks sailing experience. They set sail in June 2021 and sailed north to the Great Barrier Reef in just 4 weeks.

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