#326 I forgot to mention our patrons regarding the Indonesia positions, if you are a patron of SLV, please ensure you include ‘Patreon’ in the subject line and we’ll give it high priority (as long as it matches up in our database). Thanks guys! Look forward to reading all your resumes over the next couple of weeks. If you’ve been watching for a while and you’d like to join us in Asia as crew, we’re HIRING! Please send us in your resumes to: joininglavagabonde@gmail.com

It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since we untied the lines and set sail for good. For 7 years now, we’ve been living off grid in our floating home. We’ve learned what it means to be a ‘cruiser’. We’ve made friends with people from countless different countries. We’ve been the most scared we’ve ever been, as well as the most happy. We’ve brought two children into this world to share it all with. We feel so. damn. lucky. Join us for an epic sail, the next leg of our journey down to the Bahamas.

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Song credits:
00:03 – ES_Lepiten Falls – Ooyy
01:17 – ES_Save It for a Rainy Day – Margareta
02:36 – ES_Save It for a Rainy Day – Margareta
03:47 – ES_Hyena – Tigerblood Jewel
06:12 – ES_Different Days – Chill Cole
08:35 – ES_The Northern Saga – Luwaks
10:37 – ES_Work of Art (Instrumental Version) – Bonsaye
10:55 – ES_Theme From Elvira Madrigan – Traditional
11:41 – ES_Jazz Bars – Dusty Decks
14:34 – ES_Sleepover – Timothy Infinite