Boat Life: Raising two children on a boat!

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Hey guys, we’re getting settled into life back on the boat, and getting used to one more family member on board. Really good sailing conditions off the east coast of the US means we can take stock and have a little think of our future. We have a chance to let you know about our thoughts of raising two boys on a boat. It’s a pretty unique environment to bring up kids, we just hope that it’ll continue to be as stimulating and positive for them as possible. We’re also joined by our rotating crew of Laura, David and Sarah as we pull into St. Augustine in Florida. Such a warm welcome from our supporters down along the coast here too, with special thanks to long-term subscriber Gino for helping us out!

Plus: leave your comments below on your thoughts: where do you think the boys will love and learn about history?

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00:00 – 01:30 – Ciclo Continuo – Boone River (Epidemic Sound)
01:35 – 02:11 – Trouble by Trouble (Luwaks Remix)(Instrumental Version) – The Eastern Plain (Epidemic Sound)
02:14 – 04:59 – Essentials – _91nova (Epidemic Sound)
05:30 – 06:46 – Another Dream Room – Jones Meadow (Epidemic Sound)
06:48 – 08:10 – Mt Fuji – Ooyy (Epidemic Sound)
08:11 – 08:51 – Cynosure – Mild Tempers (Epidemic Sound)
09:03 – 10:12 – Sundown Avenue – Arc De Soleil (Epidemic Sound)
10:12 – 10:38 – Ferialdo – Cornelio (Epidemic Sound)
10:38 – 12:09 – Sundown Avenue – Arc De Soleil (Epidemic Sound)
12:18 – 12:51 – Startup – Auxjack (Epidemic Sound)
12:51 – 12:59 – Bateria Brasileira (Sting Version) – Redeemin’ (Epidemic Sound)
12:59 – 14:13 – El Que La Hace La Paga – Wendy Marcini (Epidemic Sound)
14:13 – 15:21 – Startup – Auxjack (Epidemic Sound)
16:30 – 17:48 – House Hunt – Dylan Sitts (Epidemic Sound)
17:49 – 20:50 – Please Don’t Be Afraid – Matt Large (Epidemic Sound)