Panic, stress, fear..

In this episode James and Philippa anchor in Moorhead city, the weather turns extremely windy and thunderstorms are forecast for the night.

As the wind gets worse the yacht behind us gets pushed up against the seabed and pulls anchor.

I (Philippa) watch in horror as James had left with the dinghy to shore. I feel helpless as I cannot do anything to help. I also worry for Aequus.

We leave Moorhead city to settle in for the night before leaving around the headland to face Hatteras which neither of us are looking forward to after hearing many a bad story of Hatteras.

As we safely and gladly arrive in Norfolk we are amazed at the Naval base and how enormous it is.

We arrive in Norfolk to seawater very different from the Bahamas lol!

We take a tourist trip around the city of Norfolk and check out the famous Naval Museum and Battle ship Wisconsin, we meet two incredibly charming veterans who made our day!!

We look around the rest of the museum and find some very interesting pieces indeed!!!

Points of chat are potty talk, and we decide Aequus would look great with some gold leaf anew!!

00.00 – Start of video
00.19 – Notice neighbouring yacht in difficulty
02.12 – Leave Moorhead city for Cape lookout, trying to dodge the large waves from other boats
03.08 – We rise at the crack of dawn to head around Hatteras
04.03 – We talk about the treacherous area of Hatteras
06.49 – Everything goes flying as the large container ships pass through the busy channel
07.56 – We arrive in Norfolk and are amazed at how many Navy ships and helicopters are about
08.59 – We take a tourist day out around Norfolk
10.46 – We arrive at the home of the Wisconsin Battle Ship
12.58 – We meet two very charming Navy Veterans
16.24 – We talk ‘potty’
17.26 – A toothbrush from the war looks like James’s hahaa..
18.03 – End of video and next time aboard Aequus
18.43 – End