Yep, big changes are afoot. In our first of 2022 we share a (live) update. Archer is for sale and I got a job. Tune in for all the details!

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Don't worry. The will continue! We still have about 6 months of footage to share as we sail up past the Whitsunday islands and go as far north as Lizard Island. We then turn around and blast south to Sydney for and New Years Eve. We give you a sneak peak here, but it will be worth hanging around for – and we're not quitting! We might be selling Archer, but that doesn't mean we won't buy a new . Sailing is a big part of our lives and we all want that to continue.

Speaking of which, I (Seth) am excited about my new job in the boating industry. I want to thank HH Catamarans for having faith in me to take over as President of global operations. I can't wait to dive in and help the company on its continuing climb to success. If you want to learn more about the company, please visit – or better yet, come see me at the Miami Boat Show in two weeks!


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0:00 – Life Update
0:48 – Archer is for sale
1:50 – Here are the details
2:32 – Seth got a job!
4:18 – The Sailing Family will continue!
5:43 – Here's what's coming – the next six months!
5:59 – Whitsundays
8:04 – Kepple Island to Magnetic
8:24 – Townsville
8:33 –
9:05 – Cairns
10:03 – Michalmas Cay to Magnetic Island & Port Douglas
10:27 – Cooktown to Lizard Island & the Great Barrier Reef
10:58 – And back down again to Sydney!


ABOUT US: We are a family of five sailing around the world on a performance named “Archer” and sharing our adventures in family-friendly episodes every Tuesday!

OUR ROUTE: We departed the Boston area of the United States and sailed south to the Caribbean and then west through the Panama Canal. We have dealt with massive repairs in the South Pacific, the lock down in New Zealand, a Category 5 Cyclone in Fiji, and now we are cruising in .

OUR PAST: You may remember us as “SV Honeymoon?” Ten years ago (“before kids”), we sailed a Lagoon 380 named Honeymoon halfway around the world to Sydney, Australia. Along the way we shared our experiences via YouTube and, by happenstance, created one of the very first “sailing channels.” We also realized what an incredible experience we were having and that someday we wanted to do it again, only this time with kids.

FAQ: More questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page on our website or answers to many of your questions in this 40 minute episode:

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