ABANDONING SHIP 😉 Join us Sailing BAY OF KOTOR Montenegro – a great Boat Life & Sailing Life with New Year episode. Sailing Montenegro new year wasn’t our plan, we wanted to be somewhere exotic. But Montenegro and her bay of Kotor stole our hearts. Boat life Montenegro isn’t too bad at all. And sailing life Montenegro not as well. Lady of the rocks in Montenegro is a must-see in Montenegro and berthing here during new year a once in a life time opportunity. traveling Montenegro and seeing the Beauty of Montenegro is one of the things will never get old. It is a sailing heaven Montenegro with her most protected bay Mediterranean Sea and sailing Mediterranean Sea like Croatia, Italy and Greece as her backyard.

PS: for anyone reading – our descriptions are intentionally a bit weird – if you are a YouTuber you probably know why 🤓💙

Episode #086

⏱ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
05:00 View of the Black Pearl sailing yacht
05:18 Island Lady of the rocks
06:52 Fireworks in Bay of Kotor Montenegro
07:00 Happy NEW YEAR 🤩 Montenegro
07:25 Flashback on the year 2020/2021
08:00 Sailing First of January 2022 in Montenegro – Beautiful and peaceful morning 😍
11:20 New Years breakfast – Green smoothie Boat Life
13:27 Dirty anchor – boat life
14:18 Sailing the Perfect Sense in the most protected bay of Mediterranean sea
15:57 Getting some help berthing
17:05 Traditional New Years Dive – in water of 11 degrees 🥶
19:58 Sneak Peek next episode

Thanks for watching, we really appreciate you following our journey every step of the way!

Benjamin, Rianne & Gerben

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