Exploring the jungle with our beautiful crew! We're , spearfishing, sharks, treasure hunting, catching fish, cooking, playing guitar, and gathering coconuts how we live on a with special guest Plukky from YouTube channel @SAILING into FREEDOM and even have an acoustic jam session!

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Epidemic Sound

00:00-00:58 Intro
00:58-1:51 handle a rainstorm
1:51-3:05 Spearing a BIG fish
3:05-3:30 Lunch aboard Zingaro
3:30-5:31 Fixing a speargun for the locals
5:31-9:27 Boat Tour
9:27-12:26 Dinner and Laughs with the crew of both boats
12:26-17:03 Collecting coconuts and touring this ISLANDS!
17:03-20:39 How to cook, catch, and clean conch
20:39-22:13 Cooking with Ana!
22:13-22:56 Dinner and Jam session!
22:56-23:38 Next time…

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