In this episode after our troubles getting into the marina, James and I finally get settled and dock in the famous Bert Jabin marina in Annapolis

Philippa discusses the issue of trying to get into dock spaces because of the wooden posts and risking pulling the stanchions out if the fenders are left on.

We turn the boat upside down more than once getting essential maintenance and repairs done.

We discuss how great B&G have been as they gave us some replacement parts whilst not under warranty, we give thanks to B&G..

James looks at the wiring diagrams

More boat jobs means, another upside-down boat.

We get a taster of the weather in Annapolis and realise just how changeable the weather is

We meet Keith – Bert Jabin’s treasure, dock Master in chief

W fuel up

Another storm sets in as we wonder why we are the only yacht anchored outside back creek?!…..


00.00 – Start of video
00.20 – Intro to Bert Jabin Marina
00.54 – Philippa discusses the fender and posts situation when docking
02.45 – Discusses B&G, radar and the HC5000CPU
04.30 – Thank you to B&G
05.00 – Wiring diagrams
05.36 – The boat is a mess again
05.55 – We see the changeability of the weather in Annapolis
06.19 – We meet Keith Bert Jabin’s Yacht-Master
07.55 – We anchor in the creek and get fuel
10.40 – James does a pump-out
10.55 – Another thunderstorm appears.
11.12 – Next time aboard Aequus
11.46 – end of video