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Sailing and selling cruising experiences since 2015, captain Ryan may save you TONS of money and time if you happen to NOT like the seagoing life. We sit him down to get his entire story, get a SUPER LESSON in centerboard boats, and see what makes him tick. Book passage on Libra and save up to 10% with discount code: Zingaro




OC Tenders:
Spectra Watermakers:
Turt Sunglasses:
Kraken Structures:

Epidemic Sound

00:00-00:52 Intro
00:52-3:04 Meet Masterworks
3:04-4:28 50% of people get sick
4:28 -6:46 How I got started
6:46-8:43 What you’re in for on a trip
8:43-11:04 Explaining the Atlantic Loop
11:04-13:05 Sailing with John Kretchmer
13:05-15:32 Why I prefer a Ketch for this work
15:32-17:24 FLYING @ 18 knots
17:24-21:09 The KRAKEN ate my centerboard
21:09-29:27 Everything you need to know about centerboards
29:27-30:04 A cheese plate from the lovely Kendra
30:04-31:07 HOW EXACTLY it broke
31:07-35:49 How I’m building a NEW Centerboard
35:49-36:51 Question from the Crew about stresses
36:51-39:19 How I’m building a NEW Centerboard (cont.)
39:19-40:03 How Libra differs from a Catamaran
40:03-43:39 Considerations of designing the new board
43:39-45:24 Did you consider making it longer?
45:24-47:39 $80,000?????
47:39-50:48 How does the Aft centerboard work?
50:48-1:02:24 How I found and purchased Libra
1:02:24-1:06:26 Taking questions from the crew
1:06:26-1:13:49 Chartering in Cuba
1:13:49-1:16:47 Night Sailing
1:16:47-1:24:54 Sailing with Des from Project Atticus
1:24:54-1:29:47 How to Book a Trip!
1:29:47-1:30:30 The Cook gives a TOUR!
1:30:30-1:33:47 Last Thoughts
1:33:47-1:35:22 Discount code: ZINGARO