SSL 619 ~ It’s a REVOLUTION..?!?

Yes, I do believe we are entering a revolution in solar and battery technologies, and I’m happy to present to you this first product and test review of the Bluetti AC200P, a fully integrated back up power solution that doesn’t need any gasoline or diesel, and runs completely from solar power so you have backup power available whenever and wherever you want!

I hope you enjoy my review of the AC200P, and if you have interest in the products you can find them at the links below:

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator:

Bluetti PV200 folding solar panel:

If you intend to purchase the product, you can use the discount codes below for $101 off the AC200P and/or $40 off the PV200:
AC200P Discount code: RKAC200P
PV200 Discount code: RKPV200

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