In this episode, we arrive at Sag Harbour and after settling down the anchor we realise that the place we have anchored is far too rocky and we decide to move to another part of the bay for better protection.

We wake up the next day with excitement as we head into Sag Harbour to collect our amazing and very talented friend Georgia Louise.

Georgia explains to us all why we need to be wearing protective headwear with her expert knowledge on skincare

Georgia makes us laugh as she realises we are not driving the boat we are on autopilot.

We get wet and wild in the water and realise the current is super strong and we had slight difficulty getting back to the boat.

We shower each other down, it was so amazing to have our friend with us after not being able to share the boat with anyone from back home since covid began.

Georgia and I nearly get picked up at the front of the boat, until they saw James and pretended they were asking for directions – very funny!

James talks through the mooring as we prepare for hurricane Henri’s hit on Long Island and Sag Harbour

Philippa is not wanting to stay on the boat whilst the hurricane hits, but at this point we are staying on the yacht!

James and Philippa debate about the hurricane and their thoughts and the apps that say very different things and the decisions that they have made.

We strip down the boat, taking all the parts away that might be affected badly by the hurricane, strapping, lashing and removing all parts. The bay is starting to empty out and there is only a fraction of the boats that are normally in the bay, very frightening.

The harbour master comes to see us and tells us that we shouldn’t be staying on the boat.

We pack up our belongings to last a few nights and Philippa searches at last minute for a hotel, which we eventually found, but was an hour and a half away from the boat, we felt lucky to have found somewhere. The feeling of leaving the abandoned stretch of water in the gloom was a feeling we will never forget.


00.00 – Start of video
01.00 – We arrive at Sag Harbour
02.00 – We decide to move to another part of Sag Harbour as the number of boats coming in and out are making for an uncomfortable anchorage
02.51 – We meet Georgia Louise, our amazingly talented and beautiful facialist to the stars, who has million-dollar hands!
04.10 – We try to get Georgia into the tender, with much effort!! Lol
05.10 – Georgia, James and Philippa drink some wine and celebrate her arrival
05.53 – Georgia gives us some essential skin tips
06.20 – Georgia makes us laugh as she realises we are on autopilot!!!!
06.40 – We get wet and wild!!!
07.10 – We shower each other down!
07.40 – Georgia and I nearly get picked up, much to James’ amusement
08.28 – Clips from our time together
09.14 – James talks through hurricane Henri
10.53 – Philippa talks about how nervous and afraid she feels
12.01 – Philippa and James debate about the apps and the hurricane and our decisions
14.07 – It is 4pm and 12 hours until the hurricane is due to hit, and we hear from a meteorologist
15.50 – The harbour master came round and told us it was too unsafe to stay on the boat and we should leave
16.11 – We leave Aequus but have nowhere to go and Philippa calls hotels to find somewhere to stay.
17.07 – Next time aboard Aequus
17.44 – End of video