Jackery Explorer 1500- https://www.jackery.com/?aff=1037 The launch of Jackery brand-new product kicks off at on 8pm PDT on #JackeryDay 5/12. Watch the live stream product release worldwide on Jackery official website and social media.
๐Ÿ‘‰ https://www.jackery.com/pages/jackery-day/?aff=1037 What does a broken toilet, a perfectly cooked eyeball , and kite surfing all have in common? We wake up to find ourselves in a picture perfect anchorage known as the Hot Tub. My morning routine is interrupted by a terrible noise from the forward head. Yep, it’s a code brown…. Well there goes my peaceful morning. The day greatly improves as we find ourselves exploring our very own little island, which we share with nothing more than a few pelicans. Seirra becomes a beachcomber and collects a bunch of treasures before we drag her back home, only to return shortly to a beach-cruiser BBQ where Plukky feeds Kazaa a perfectly cooked fish eyeball. My day only improves when Plukky convinces me to quite work early for the day and instead head out for a kiting session!

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