REAL SAIL LIFE – Join us in this episode that starts amazing with a day behind anchor on our Beneteau 57 but ends with SICK and HOSPITAL ๐Ÿ˜ž We dedicated this beautiful sailing life day, liveaboard life, to the almighty Beneteau 57 and why this Beneteau is such a special boat. Sailing Beneteau 57 is competing with bluewater cruiser, like Amel and Oyster. A Beneteau review with a touch of sailing life Montenegro in the Bay of Kotor. Family living on a sailboat, what they want most is to sailing around the world, liveaboard sailboat life.

For a full tour of our Beneteau 57 join us here:

Episode #95

โฑ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
03:23 Our favourite thing of sail life behind anchor
07:41 Making breakfast liveaboard style
10:52 Little emotional breakdown | A day with ups and downs
11:57 Dreams
12:33 The Beneteau B57 | Why is it special
16:00 Back to the mighty B57 | review Beneteau 57
20:00 Next time more sailing life
20:58 Enjoying life behind anchor and sailing beneteau 57
23:29 BENJAMIN in the hospital

Thanks for watching, we really appreciate you following our journey every step of the way!

Benjamin, Rianne & Gerben

Feel the Breeze family | a business coupe exploring the world with their kid

Filming: Rianne & Gerben
Editing: Pedro Wessels
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