Hello Youtube!
First off, we want to say sorry for not posting a video in so long. We do however, have a good reason why which I’ll detail in my real time update below. In this video we dive into city life and immerse ourselves in the “Mother City” also known as Cape Town. Our original plan was to stay in Cape Town for only a few weeks before sailing on. We stayed 2 months and really only left because our visa was expiring. Cape Town is an INCREDIBLE city and we docked Skylark right in the heart at the V&A Waterfront. Cape Town had felt like a goal during our transit across the Indian Ocean and we had finally made it… It felt amazing to rest and recharge after non-stop cruising for the many months prior. We have visited a lot of cities around the world and Cape Town is either number #1 or #2 in our books. It’s a close race with Tokyo.

Real Time Update: You may be wondering why we have not been posting videos lately and the reason is – Internet. Right after posting the previous video to this one, we set sail from Walvis Bay, Namibia to St Helena. St Helena is a remote volcanic Island in the middle of the South Atlantic with a population of only 4500 people. It’s a magical place except for that Internet is a real struggle. It costs 20 British pounds for 350mb!!! Yes you read that correctly. And on top of that, it is very slow. This problem is also worsened by that my editing software (adobe premier pro) is on a subscription basis and often will not allow me to open the program without an internet connection. After a month stay in St Helena, we sailed to Ascension Island, another remote South Atlantic Island, which is where we are now. The internet situation here is basically the same as in St Helena (slightly more expensive at 20 pounds for 250mb) and we found wifi from a restaurant (very slow and 6 pounds for an hour, or 20 pounds for a day pass) which we’re using to upload this video. All this hasn’t stopped us from filming however and we have some amazing footage of our passages and St Helena, which will eventually make it into this vlog. In the meantime, we are planning where to go next. We know we’re going to Brazil but are undecided where exactly in Brazil we want to go. I am sure we will figure it out soon! To follow our progress, check out our tracker on www.outsidewatch.com/location