SAND & Bird S***!! “Cray Cray” Sailing up the Namibian coast! – Outside Watch Vlog #22

SAND & Bird S***!! "Cray Cray" Sailing up the Namibian coast! - Outside Watch Vlog #22

We continue up Namibia’s “Skeleton Coast” and visit another remote anchorage at Mercury Island. Mercury Island is one of the largest breeding grounds for seabirds in all of Namibia and is said to be home to approximately 16,000 African Penguins. After a month in the desert and being anchored next to “Bird Island” its no surprise that Skylark was covered in….sand and bird S***!!! After Mercury Island we continue north on our final overnight passage in Africa to Walvis Bay, Namibia and Jen gets creative in the galley with our abundance of Namibian Cray Fish. Unfortunately it’s time for our friend and crew member, Micalene to fly home to Cape Town. She sailed with us for 1 month and over 700 nautical miles and brought so much laughter on board! We still miss her company today!

Walvis Bay will be our last port of call in Africa and in our next episode we officially start our crossing of the south Atlantic ocean! Stay Tuned for that…

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